Vision ADR UK's vision for 2026 is to be the default choice to host linked administrative data from across the entirety of UK and devolved government, making it accessible to a deep pool of trained researchers to generate insights routinely used to inform policy and practice.
Aims Trust
& Sustainability
Reserch for
public good
Reserch access
Available data
for reserch
Outcomes Commitment and sustainability for administrative data research: Strategic focus on addressing major societal challenges through administrative data research, with support throughout government for releasing data to create a sustainable research resource. Measurable public good: Demonstrable impact arising from administrative data research that addresses major societal challenges. Seamless researcher service: Transparent, coordinated, secure and timely access to administrative data and support services for the wider research community. A highly useful long-term research resource: Flow, accessibility and long-term preservation of high-quality, research-ready administrative data, designed to address major societal challenges.
Objectives A coordinated partnership: A focal point and leadership to help align academic and government capabilities and values to answer important societal questions through administrative data research. Impact for data owners: Recognition from data owners that administrative data research has delivered significant benefit to government departments. Extended and improved UK-wide accessibility: Significant and geographically spread increase in secure physical and remote access to our complete research-ready data catalogue, with effective and coordinated support. Building better national core researcher data: Government committed to sharing data using the ADR UK model, with new datasets developed to address their strategic research priorities.
A sustainable research resource for the future: Evidence created to inform investment in and lay foundations for a sustainable mainstream research resource, complementing other UKRI infrastructure. Bodies of knowledge: Innovative and impactful research using administrative data builds and contributes to bodies of knowledge that address major societal challenges. More widespread access to more data for more researchers: A larger and broader range of researchers securely accessing administrative data more easily, more often and more quickly, both individually and collaboratively, via clear access routes. High-quality research data: Existing and new data are ethically and legally compliant, and prepared, enhanced and preserved for research purposes.
Trustworthy programme of work: ADR UK is viewed as a trustworthy programme of work, championing open engagement, with the public broadly supportive of the shift towards retaining and preserving de-identified datasets for research and innovation that address societal challenges. Greater impact from existing data and research: More innovative and impactful research from existing data holdings and more impact from existing research. UK economic and social researchers have the skills and tools to conduct world-class administrative data research for public benefit: Training pathways are promoted and enhanced to support researchers in using the new linked data assets that ADR UK makes available both directly and in partnership with others. ADR UK is not only recognised as an enabler of research that improves public policy but also as bolstering the platforms and futures of researchers and maintaining and nurturing the talent pipeline.